Why Give

Why Give Through the Community Foundation?

  1. You want to leave a lasting legacy. Because of the power of endowment, the names and goals of these funds live forever creating a lasting legacy while providing sustainability for future generations. Click here to see an illustration of endowment.
  2. You want to save time and money. The Foundation provides administrative and grant making support eliminating the need for donors to set up separate institutions, formulate policies, file innumerable forms and monitor the status of grant recipients.
  3. You want flexibility. The Foundation has the flexibility to respond to the future needs of the community through variance power. If the original donor intent of a gift no longer exists, the local Board of Directors can direct the fund to other uses closely related to the donors’ interests.
  4. You want local knowledge. Our Board of Directors is composed of local community members representing the Cloud County area. This local knowledge will help us to better identify and serve the needs in our communities.
  5. You need a tax deduction. The Community Foundation for Cloud County is an affiliate of the Greater Salina Community Foundation which is a qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All gifts made to the Community Foundation for Cloud County are tax deductible.


How Can You Participate?

The great part about a community foundation is that anyone can participate, making this truly a community effort.

  1. Establish a fund to provide support for your favorite charitable organization or cause, for both today’s needs and those beyond your lifetime. (All fund types are listed on our home page slider.  Click through and see which one fits your needs the best).
  2. Contribute to any of our existing funds that match your charitable interests. (A list of our funds can be accessed by clicking through our sliders of different fund types on our home page).
  3. Support your community with a gift to the Impact Fund for Cloud County, allowing CFCC to respond to current local needs.
  4. Help support the work of the Foundation by contributing to the Cloud County Administrative Fund.
  5. Encourage your favorite charity to establish an organization fund to provide ongoing support for their work.
  6. Apply for a grant from the Impact Fund for Cloud County or any of our other grants listed on our grants page.
  7. Attend community foundation events and workshops to learn more about estate planning, charitable giving, building endowments and other related topics.
  8. Tell your friends about the Community Foundation for Cloud County and the services that we provide.

Recent News

CFCC Awards COVID-19 Grants

CFCC Awards COVID-19 Grants The Community Foundation for Cloud County (CFCC) grant committee  awarded the following COVID – 19  grants since its last Board meeting: a $5,000 grant to the Cloud County Historical Society to assist with operational costs during the COVID – 19 period from the Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund;  a $5,000 grant to the Miltonvale Educational Charitable Foundation  to assist community members with food and home assistance during the COVID – 19 period from the Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund; and a $7,000 grant to Cloud County Health Center, the Cloud County Health Department and the[...]

The Community Foundation for Cloud County awards grants

CFCC AWARDS GRANT The Community Foundation for Cloud County (CFCC) grant committee  awarded a $5,000 grant  to the National Orphan Trian Complex Inc. for operation expenses due to the decrease of revenues cause by the COVID-19 pandemic from the Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund. If you have any questions regarding your Community foundation, please feel free to contact Bob Steimel at 243-1008. Thank you. [...]