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Match Month Results

Friday, December 27th, 2019

CFCC raises over $100,000 with the Hansen 50 K Initiative Matching Grant

The Community Foundation for Cloud County (CFCC) received sixty-seven donations to the 2019 HANSEN 50 K INITIATIVE during the month of November 2019 totaling over $40,250 for the Impact Fund for Cloud County (our unrestricted grant fund) in the CFCC. The Dane G. Hansen Foundation will match these donations to the Impact Fund for Cloud County and donate over $20,000 to the CFCC Administrative Fund in the CFCC. So over $100,000 was raised for our Foundation thanks to the donors and the Hansen Foundation.

Included in the sixty-seven donors were forty-seven individuals (donated $17,560) and twenty businesses (donated $22,700).

The gifts included three gifts of $5,000 and nine gifts between $1,000 and $5,000.

A gift of grain was also received as well as two gifts as distributions from IRA retirement accounts.

The Foundation appreciates all of the gifts, regardless of the size or method of giving, that took advantage of the generous matching opportunity provided by the Dane G. Hansen Foundation. Thank you.