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Community Foundation Awards Grants

Wednesday, October 21st, 2020

The Grant/Scholarship Committee of the Community Foundation for Cloud County (CFCC) held a grant committee meeting Friday, October 16, 2020 at the Century 21 meeting room at 2:00 p.m.

The committee reviewed the minutes for the grant committee meetings held on August 18, 2020 and approved said minutes.

Bob Steimel had forwarded the September grant cycle evaluation report which showed that the four grant requests got scores of 86% to 72 to the committee. Also sent to the committee were the ‘Available to Spend” amounts by fund and the grants that the committee needed to approve or ratify that had been paid since the last committee meeting.  

After review of the above information and discussions,  the committee, with unanimous consent (unless noted) the committee approved or ratified the following grants:

Bruce and Michelle Graham DA Fund – a $250 grant to Teens for Christ to help raise the match for a building purchase.

Full Court Press for Progress Fund –A $2,751.71 grant and a $2,688.62 grant  to the City of Concordia to assist with the costs of redoing the tennis courts, basketball courts and build two pickleball courts.

Blosser Foundation DA Fund – a $2,000 grant to USD # 333 to provide assistance to needy students to take dual-credit courses at Cloud County Community College.

Chavey Charitable Fund – twelve grants totaling $9,783 (a $489.15 grant to Boys Town, Catholic Medical Mission Board, Cloud County Resource Council – Food Bank, Mercy Home for Boys and Girls, Sacred Heart Southern Missions, and St. Joseph Indian School, Nazareth Convent & Academy Inc.; a $978.30 grant to Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish, St. John the Baptist Catholic Church – Clyde RE supplies, St. John the Baptist Catholic Church – Clyde scholarships and Notre Dame Scholarship Trust; and a $2,445.75 grant to Unbound).    

Concordia Lutheran Church Fund – a $10,000 grant to the Concordia Lutheran Church for grant making.

Broadway Plaza Operating Fund –  a $750 grant to paint, supply and operate a Santa Mailbox. (Ashley Hutchinson abstained).

Grant applications:

Seize the Moment Fund– a $490 grant to USD # 333 for PAUSE PAWS speaker series. (Ashley Hutchinson abstained).

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund – a $5,000 grant to the North Central Teens for Christ to assist with a new  roof; a $2,500 grant to Cloud County Resource Center for the Food Bank’s Thanksgiving Food Boxes program (200 boxes); and a $1,000 grant  to the Cloud County Historical Society Museum for a computer and graphics software programs.

The next meeting will depend on COVID-19 applications and the next grant cycle in November 2020.